Thursday, December 23, 2004

Random Viewing

Have just had a quick look at some other Blogs. Very impressive. I have to work out how to add pictures, put in the nice side bar information, etc. Still very much a beginner at this sort of thing. Still it could be fun.

Starting Out

I think the main purpose of my blog will be to detail my study with the Open University. I've been a student since 2003 and to date have passed two courses - S103: Discovering Science and ST240: Our Chemical Environment. At the moment I'm working my way through S293: Fats for Life. This is an interesting course, but the writing style is rather difficult to get to grips with. Still I hope to have finished the end of course assessment by 10th January. Then I shall be starting on S205: The Molecular World. This is a second level chemistry course - it gives an introduction to most areas in chemistry.
Anyway I think this is probably all for now, as it's almost time to close the computer for Christmas.